PSA: Bleeding After Anal Intercourse Just Isn’t Normal

PSA: Bleeding After Anal Intercourse Just Isn’t Normal

Is Bleeding after Anal Intercourse Normal?

There’s nothing normal about bleeding with anal sex. Although it can be typical, it is really not normal.

Yesterday, we stopped because of the podcast GayTalk 2.0 for my regular look, during which we talked of final week’s penetration that is double post while the repercussions as well. Nick Bussett, one of several hosts, confessed of regular bleeding during anal play also it made me recognize that a lot of us are generally in denial of the prospective issue or has just accepted this as normal. Therefore, i am going to state once more, no, rectal intercourse must not include any type of anal bleeding — whether pink or vivid red.

Having said that, yes, there could be the one-off spot of bloodstream through the upheaval of douching or anal penetration since rectal muscle is more sensitive and painful, nonetheless it really should not be a thing that occurs often.

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